Leyi's Self-introduction video

In my junior year in college, I attended AIESEC to be an international volunteer. In order to let the other side of the world know more about me, I made this video to introduce myself. What does Leyi love to do? Find out through the following video! I acted, recorded and edited this video, hoping to let you know more about me!



In my sophomore year in college, my friend and I teamed up to attend an advertising competition for Sidashu. Sidashu is a medicine brand that specializes in curing stomachaches. The goal of our project was to create a microcinema for the brand to enhance brand awareness. 


Nordstrom Crisis Communication Plan

In fall 2016 Crisis Communication class, our team created a crisis communication plan for Nordstrom in  Responding to the Boycott for Carrying the Ivanka Trump Brand. I was responsible for the video part of the communication plan. I created two videos in our crisis communication plan. One is the official statement from the Vice President of Nordstrom, another is a more light-hearted video, promoting the style in Nordstrom and downplaying the crisis. 

The password to play this video is: 1224. 


De-blackbox the Disney MagicBand

In Spring 2016, following the instructions of Professor Barbara and Professor Osborn, we de-blackbox the Disney MagicBand. In this group project, I created the poster for the Disney MagicBand, illustrating the architecture, algorithm, socio-technical system and functions of the MagicBand.  I also made a 45 seconds  animation to briefly introduce the MagicBand. Please see below.