Strategic Marketing

Cured A Stomachache: Sidashu Microcinema  

In my sophomore year in college, my friend and I teamed up to attend an advertising competition for Sidashu. Sidashu is a medicine brand that specializes in curing stomachaches. The goal of our project was to create a microcinema for the brand to enhance brand awareness. 

I worked as the scriptwriter in the team, preparing the storyboard and scripts. Under China's Only-child Policy, the 90s-generation, known as the "first wave," start to march in the working field. Well-protected when they were kids and teenagers, the adulthood become hard. The microcinema story is based on this background. A newbie in the working field fails to take care of herself. As she works too hard and did not eat properly, she has a stomachache. At this moment, her mother shows up. The love of a mother is always present. On the right is the VCR that we produced.

The team at the filming scene. 

The team at the filming scene. 

The team is filming the microcinema. 

The team is filming the microcinema. 

Photo with the team. 

Photo with the team. 

Bring Focus on Events:

European Chamber of Commerce in China

Working as event and marketing assistant in European Chamber of Commerce in China offered me a great opportunity to learn event marketing.

The European Chamber has a clear timeline of the events around the year, and it's my responsibility to help to promote the events. In order to increase the events' visibilities and attract potential sponsors, I created visualized materials such as event posters that matching the theme of the events, newsletter content that catch the eyes of the readers and engaging marketing e-mails.

In this job, I had learned that there are ways towards the success of an event promotion: The clear identification of target audience; The right channel to reach target audience; The insight of target audience and the content to engage them; And visualization of the information. By this understanding and applying the techniques that I learned at school,  I had successfully promoted the events that I was responsible for. 


MagicBand Group at Poster Exhibition

MagicBand Group at Poster Exhibition

Strategic Communication: Disney MagicBand

In this project we "de-blackbox" the Disney MagicBand.  

 What is under  the colorful surface of the MagicBand?

What are the components of MagicBand and how do they work together? 

What are the major users of MagicBand?

Why Disney launched the MagicBand? How does the MagicBand project help Disney develop its customer loyalty?

In Spring 2016, following the instructions of Professor Barbara and Professor Osborn, we de-blackbox the Disney MagicBand. In this group project, I created the poster for the Disney MagicBand, illustrating the architecture, algorithm, socio-technical system and functions of the MagicBand.  See the full poster please click here. I also made a 45 seconds  animation to briefly introduce the MagicBand. Please see below. 

If you want to know more about Disney MagicBand and our project, please click our website to gain more insight. 

           Animation that I created for the Introduction of MagicBand

Wechat Public Account Project