Event Planning

European Chamber Carnival Gala Dinner 2015

2015 Gala Dinner is one of the largest events of European Chamber of Commerce in China -South China Chapter. More than 300 guests attended this event. They were government officials, Consuls General, general managers from European Companies and professional executives from various industries. As Marketing and Sponsorship Assistant, me and Rachel Chen - the Marketing and Sponsorship Manager were fully responsible for organizing this event. My responsibilities include preparing the marketing materials, reaching out potential participants and sponsors and the event on-site. 

(video by European Chamber of Commerce in China)


Leyi's Responsibilities

Preparing Marketing Materials

-       Poster Design

-       Homepage Banner

-       Advertising on Magazine

-       Website Posts

-       Social Media Content & Invitation 

-      Back-draw Design

Reaching Potential Participants and Sponsors

-       Select potential target participants          and sponsors

-       Presentation materials

-       Sponsorship Package

              Event On-site

-       Lucky draw preparation

-       Game Design 

-       Gift package preparation 

-       Presentation Slides