Cross-Cultural Communication

Embrace Uncertainty:Adventure in Poland

I worked as a volunteer in Poland for around 2 months. Before staying in Poland, I only knew about concentration camps there and the World War two history. But at that point I really didn't know much about Poland. My knowledge about Eastern Europe was limited. As it is in Europe and a developed country, I expected Poland to be as well developed as west Europe countries and even expected people to speak fluent English. But none of this was true. 

I ran into trouble. I got lost in the street. I missed trains back home. I got involved in a bar fight. I cried on Chinese New Year.  

However, I also gained a lot of joy. I met people from different countries, I got into stranger's car, I traveled alone in Poland; I made great memories with amazing people. 

Are you ready to hear my stories?

There was only a few days before my flight. And I haven't got my invitation letter from the local organization. And my "contact person" was missing. What happened next? 

              Be Adaptive: Program Changed

After four weeks in the kindergarten, winter break started. The kindergarten would not open. I had been changed to a Non-profit program and be an English teacher in a art school. My students changed from kindergarten kids to teenagers aged 10-13 and adults. What happened next?

What would the life be having people from all different places in the world in one room? Conflicts? Joy? What happened?

Crisis Communication

In fall 2016 Crisis Communication class, our team created a crisis communication plan for Nordstrom in  Responding to the Boycott for Carrying the Ivanka Trump Brand. I was responsible for the video part of the communication plan. I created two videos in our crisis communication plan. One is the official statement from the Vice President of Nordstrom, another is a more light-hearted video, promoting the style in Nordstrom and downplaying the crisis. 


The password to play this video is 1224.